FLTMAG Resources for COVID-19

The FLTMAG editors have gone through much of the content of the FLTMAG and identified articles that might be particularly helpful during the emergency remote teaching going on in many places because of COVID-19.


Recommended Preparation for Emergency Online Teaching from the IALLT Board


IALLT offers webinars monthly. Live webinars are open to all and archives are a member benefit, but these webinars on the topic of remote teaching in the wake of COVID-19 are free for all to access. Visit IALLT webinars for more information.

Pandemic Prepping in the Language Class (Georges Detiveaux, Trish Nolde, Marlene Johnshoy)

Pandemic Prepping: What to Expect From the Unexpected (Lauren Rosen)

Pandemic Prepping: Q & A Session (Angelika Kraemer, Georges Detiveaux, Trish Nolde)

Don’t Panic! You Probably Won’t Screw This Up That Bad! Perspectives on Remote Teaching From K-12 Language Teachers (Nathalie Ettzevoglou, Erin Sunday, Michael Vo)

Asynchronous Webinar: Using Flipgrid in World Language Classes (Shannon Donnally Spasova)

Webinars to the Rescue! Scholarly Exchange in a New Medium (Shannon Donnally Spasova and Kelsey White)

Are Discussion Forums Really Interactive? Ideas for Purposeful Asynchronous Communication (Florencia Henshaw)

Online, Hybrid, Hyflex, and High Stress: Preparing for Fall 2020 (Kevin Gaugler, Florencia Henshaw, Noah McLaughlin)

Tech Highlights and Articles

Accessibility Essentials in Online Language Teaching (Caitlin Cornell)

An Overview of Blended Learning (Edwige Simon)

ANVILL-LTI: A New Set of Tools for Building Rich Interactive Lessons (Jeff Magoto)

Audio-Lingua: Searchable Audio Database of Native Speaker Recordings for Your Language Class (Adam Gacs)

Checking Reading Comprehension Remotely Using Student-Designed Comics (Carol Anne Costabile-Heming)

Coffee Breaks in Times of COVID-19 (Olivia Grugan)

Crowdsourced Advice about Remote Teaching

Diary of a Teacher During Remote Teaching: Even Superheroes Have Sidekicks (Nathalie Ettzevoglou)

Edpuzzle: Customized Video Content for Language Learning (Beatriz Gómez Acuña)

Explain Everything: Interactive WhiteBoard (Shannon Donnally Spasova)

Extempore: A Speaking Practice App (Irina Kogel)

FluentKey: Making Listening Fun (Elizabeth Caspari)

GoFormative: Digital Formative Assessments (Megan MacNicol)

Google Arts and Culture in World Language Classrooms (Becky Cottrell)

H5P: Course Presentation (Shannon Donnally Spasova)

H5P: Create Interactive Language Activities (Shannon Donnally Spasova)

How to Establish a Strong Community in an Online Course (Magara Maeda and Lauren Rosen)

iSpraak: Automated Online Pronunciation Feedback (Dan Nickolai)

Language Panda: A Digital-Tools-Based Lesson Plan Repository (Melanie Forehand)

Miro: the Visual Collaboration Platform You Need In Your Online Classroom (Ekaterina Shutenko)

Online Translators in Language Classes: Pedagogical and Practical Considerations (Florencia Henshaw)

Opportunities for Open Educational Resources Usage and Development During COVID-19 (Christian Hilchey)

Padlet, a collaborative bulletin board (Cheryl Gil)

Pear Deck for Student Participation (Shannon Donnally Spasova)

Perusall: A Collaborative Reading Tool (Lincoln Bain)

SpatialChat – Mingle Activities and Virtual Parties (Shannon Donnally Spasova and Betsy Lavolette)

Storyboard That: Creating Digital Storyboards (José Manuel Suárez)

To Sync or Not to Sync, That is the Question: Choosing Between Synchronous and Asynchronous Modes in Remote and Online Language Teaching (Marlene Johnshoy and Shannon Donnally Spasova)

Towards Effective, Stress-Free Teacher Training (Sarab Al Ani)

Transitioning from Remote Instruction to Online Teaching and Learning (Jeffrey Samuels)

Transitioning to K-12 Online Language Learning: Essential Questions for Teachers (Joe Terantino)

Wakelet: Create and Share Multimedia Resources (Marina Buratti)


IALLT Interview Project Episode 1: Interview with Kathryn Murphy-Judy (Jeff Samuels)

Lists of Technology Tools

Tech Tools for Language Educators (Florencia Henshaw)



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