The FLTMAG averages about 500 pageloads per week. A new issue is released every 4 months andStat Counter Fltmag pageloads average over a 850 per week in the 3 to 4 weeks following a new issue.

The FLTMAG currently offers 3 ad spaces. Each space is available for a duration of 4 months. There is 20% discount for ad spaces purchased for 8 months.

Pricing is as follows:

  • Space 1: $400. Appears on every page of the site at the very top (centered, above the FLTMAG/ALTEC logos). Only one space available. (580px by 80px)
  • Space 2: $325. Ad on right side in rotation with one other ad. Appears on every page of the site. 2 spaces available. (Size 290px by 450px)
  • Space 3: $35. Ad in slideshow, rotation with 6 to 8 other images, only on homepage. 4 spaces available. (660px by 250px)

For a flat fee of $50, the FLTMAG will design your ad.









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