We strongly encourage original submissions from our most creative, enthusiastic and innovative language teachers, language center directors and their staff, language technology coordinators / consultants / assistants / gurus / wizards.

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Normally the deadline for each issue is the first of the previous month, but submissions can be sent at any time, and may get published before the deadline if time allows.

Deadline for the March issue: February 1
Deadline for the July issue: June 1
Deadline for the November issue: October 1

Please note that The FLTMAG does not accept sponsored posts or sponsored links.


Articles in The FLTMAG are less formal than traditional academic publications. The structure is also different from the structure of research papers. We’re not looking for extensive lit reviews and we’d rather authors do away with extensive citations.

We are looking for articles written in a conversational style. We like to hear the author’s voice; we encourage you to write in the first person. Humor is welcome, and direct quotes are important. We want to hear what your students said about the projects, and of course your own reflections on it.

Note: If you are repurposing an academic article that was not accepted for publication elsewhere, we will ask you to significantly edit your article to fit the tone and audience of The FLTMAG.


APA (6th edition)

Copyright and Licensing:

Authors retain copyright and grant The FLTMAG right of first publication with the work simultaneously licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license (

Submission Types:

Feature articles:

Feature articles are longer pieces that provide in-depth coverage of a substantial topic. The topic of a feature article will go beyond individual practices (what an individual does at his/her institution) and provide a large picture assessment of the topic at hand. Possible topics are digital storytelling, the flipped classroom, ect. (4000 words, =/- 250 words).

The FLTMAG feature article: author guidelines.


We welcome submissions describing individual practices as well as opinion papers (2000 words, =/- 250 words).

The FLTMAG article: author guidelines.

Technology highlights:

We encourage reviews of new and emerging technologies. Make sure to include information about pricing, pros and cons, features (and features lacking), user-friendliness, platforms supported, and ways in which it can be useful for language teaching and learning. If there is a similar product on the market, make sure to explain how it compares (300 words, +/- 50 words).

The FLTMAG features technology highlights and articles about some for-profit products or tools, when the author of the highlight or article has no financial interest or ties to the company that produces the product. Technology highlight articles should be written from the perspective of an educator who has used the tool and is providing a critical evaluation of it in a L2 context. Companies that would like to feature their products can purchase an advertisement or request that their product or tool be put on a list of products for which The FLTMAG is seeking reviews. 

The FLTMAG technology highlights: author guidelines

List of apps or tools about which The FLTMAG is seeking Technology highlights

Note: The FLTMAG reserves the right to ask for evidence of IRB approval for all papers involving research on human subjects.