Tech Highlights: Authors Guidelines


The FLTMAG Technology Highlights are short pieces in which we highlight a technology that we feel others in CALL would benefit from. The average word count is 500 words.

The tools we feature in the technology highlights are:

  • relatively easy-to-use
  • free or near free
  • applicable to CALL (Computer-Assisted Language Learning), but were not necessarily created for languages nor education

We expect everything published in the FLTMAG to be original work. Check that the tool you chose has not been reviewed or that somebody is not already writing a review on it. Use your own words. Avoid copying and pasting the technology description from the website or Wikipedia or anywhere else.

Required content

In your write-up, make sure to include:

  • A brief introduction to the technology:
    • what it does
    • why you like it
  • A simple chart summarizing:
    • name of tool
    • url
    • primary purpose/use of tool
    • cost
    • rate ease of use on scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the easiest
  • Overview of the tool:
    • how you access the tool (e.g. a link)?
    • how do you use it/get it set up?
    • how do you share the final product?
    • are there hidden costs?
    • briefly describe any subscription options, especially those for educators
    • who is the company behind it?
    • is there an interesting backstory?
    • how does this tool compare to others?
    • at least 3 screenshots with captions
  • practical uses for the language classroom
    • two suggestions on how to use the tool in the language classroom.
    • Each suggestion should be at least one paragraph long and be detailed enough to give your readers a clear picture of what the activity would look like.
    • Make sure to include a detailed description of the task/activity, the level of the students, and a brief overview of the learning objectives (can-do statements preferred).