ArticlesMarch 2024

Assessing Arabic Proverb Translation Accuracy: A Comparative Study of ChatGPT and Google Translate with Pedagogical Applications

By Gisele El Khoury, St. Lawrence University Introduction Due to their cultural specificity, metaphorical language, contextual reliance, regional differences, and idiomatic usage, several Arabic proverbs are extremely challenging to translate. Proverb translation is regarded as difficult since it calls for

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InterviewsJuly 2023

IALLT Interview Project Episode 10: ChatGPT and Language Learning: Interview with Jesse Walker, Jason Kappes, and Frederick Poole

In this episode of the IALLT Interview Project, Jeff interviews 3 people who are using artificial intelligence (AI) and specifically ChatGPT to enhance their learning solutions and professional practice as language educators. The guests are Dr. Frederick Poole of Michigan

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InterviewsMarch 2023

IALLT Interview Project Episode 9: Interview about Artificial Intelligence with Cory Duclos, Simon Zuberek, and Anthony Spadafino

In this panel interview, Jeff Samuels speaks with Cory Duclos of Colgate University, Simon Zuberek of Columbia University, and Anthony Spadafino of The participants discuss uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for language learning in the context of rapidly evolving

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