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Lingostar.ai: Revolutionizing Language Learning with AI Technology

By Claire Nightingale, Whittell High School Spanish Teacher, Zephyr Cove, NV


DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.69732/EPCN7371


Lingostar.ai offers a pathway toward linguistic proficiency through AI chat. On Lingostar.ai, learners use their microphones to chat with the AI bot on a variety of topics and receive feedback to help guide them in their language learning. Lingostar also offers materials such as Flash cards and a captioning game to additionally help support learners. It is important to note that Lingostar.ai is currently only available in English, Spanish, and French. 

Name of Tool Lingostar.ai
URL https://www.lingostar.ai/ 
Primary Purpose / Use Language learning through AI chat
Cost Variable
Ease of Use Relatively easy

The Rise of Language Learning Applications

Online language learning applications have in many cases replaced hardware and software computer programs and are the fastest-growing way people are currently acquiring languages. Students of today want interactive, user-friendly apps with real-time feedback. Because of its adaptability, engagement, and effectiveness, Lingostar has won many awards, such as the Launchpad Competition, an international language technology competition led by the Language Flagship Technology Innovation Center at the University of Hawai’i. Learner performance can improve if they feel in command of the situation and are familiar with their learning environment; therefore, the usability of the design of an app—how easy it is to learn and use—is very important. 

Lingostar is an app that can converse live with the user on many topics. It also gives the user a list of topics to choose from such as travel or daily routine, yet it can also talk to a user about any topic they choose with ease. 

Picture 1 - App interface for choosing a topic
Picture 1 – App interface for choosing a topic

Key Features to Look For

Lingostar has many features to cater to language learners’ diverse wants and needs. It has an incredibly adaptive learning algorithm that adjusts the course materials based on the student’s particular ACTFL language proficiency level. The program offers everything from vocabulary drills to cultural immersion activities, and can truly have an exciting and interesting conversation with a student with some similarities to cultural interchange between speakers of two different languages. It offers the student feedback by letting them know their strengths and also enumerates areas for improvement.

Picture 2 - Chatbot conversation in Lingostar.ai with help interface on the right
Picture 2 – Chatbot conversation in Lingostar.ai with help interface on the right
Picture 3 - Pronunciation feedback from Lingostar
Picture 3 – Pronunciation feedback from Lingostar

Use in the Classroom

I tried Lingostar with my Spanish 3 students and had them talk about their upcoming break with the chatbot. The students loved the low-stakes way of practicing speaking and getting feedback without feeling too anxious or nervous. Lingostar transcribed everything they said aloud and then gave suggestions on what they could do to improve their communication skills. The students found it very engaging and loved the feedback. What I loved about the app for my students is that it personalized their learning to their particular level, and that helps me, as a teacher, differentiate in a classroom of varying abilities. I have not used Lingostar.ai with my Spanish 1 or 2 students yet, but I am eager to see how it can aid their language acquisition throughout the year. I plan to integrate it into our lessons for interactive vocabulary practice, implement flipped learning activities, and encourage progress tracking and goal setting to enhance their learning experience.

Challenges and Considerations

While Lingostar.ai excels in many aspects, I found it difficult to log back into the account I created as there is no clear login button. Sometimes the chat feature would take a long time to reply to me or would time out and I would have to try again. While some of these issues may be attributed to user error, they still contribute to the overall usability and user experience of the platform and could be documented as areas for improvement.


Lingostar.ai is one among many options in the vast array of language learning apps available today. Its attempt at personalization and range of features makes it stand out from some other apps. It is designed to be classroom-friendly, offering teachers options for customization and differentiation among learners with varying language skills. Additionally, Lingostar has been recognized with awards such as the Launchpad Competition. Considering its features, I may consider incorporating it into my classroom activities and personal language-learning endeavors.

One thought on “Lingostar.ai: Revolutionizing Language Learning with AI Technology

  • Very interesting article about an intriguing new tool. However, more information about the limitations of the site (how many interactions are allowed in the free version, what other limitations are there for free users, etc.) would have been very helpful (especially since the website itself has scant information about these things). I’d also like to know if there were there any negative experiences for the students in using it?

    I think it’s great that your students enjoyed using it–we’re all looking for ways to offer more speaking opportunities in our FL classes and this seems like a very good opportunity for the students! Thanks for sharing your experiences!


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