IALLT webinarsJuly 2023

Making Generative AI Work for Language Teachers: IALLT Featured Webinar of 2023

Presenter: Maureen Gassert Lamb

In this webinar, participants learn about the current ecosystem of artificial intelligence (AI) applications and how they can be used for various tasks in the language classroom, including lesson plans, bibliographies, question generation, image creation, study resources, flashcards, letter/comment templates, story/prompt creation, tables/charts, summaries, explanations, and video editing. The slides from the presentation are linked below.

IALLT webinars happen monthly and are open to anyone. The archives of the IALLT webinars are a benefit of IALLT membership. The FLTMAG occasionally makes webinars available to all. Please consider becoming a member of IALLT – membership is how we are able to provide services like the IALLT webinars and The FLTMAG.

The webinar team is planning a series of webinars on AI later in 2023 and 2024, so please keep your eye out for that!

Google Slides presentation

4 thoughts on “Making Generative AI Work for Language Teachers: IALLT Featured Webinar of 2023

  • I’m truly impressed by the informative content and engaging discussion presented in this Generative AI webinar by FLTmag. The way they break down complex concepts and make them accessible to a wide audience is commendable. It’s evident that the experts behind this webinar have a deep passion for their subject matter, and their enthusiasm is infectious. Thank you, FLTmag, for providing such valuable insights and fostering a learning environment for AI enthusiasts like me!

  • The article offers a positive and unique perspective on the topic. It effectively breaks down complex concepts, making them accessible to both experts and newcomers to AI. The inclusion of real-life examples and practical applications enhances understanding. Visual aids, such as diagrams and graphs, enrich the reading experience. The article not only presents the current state of generative AI but also explores future possibilities, leaving readers inspired and excited. Overall, it is an engaging and informative article recommended for those interested in delving into the fascinating world of generative AI.

  • This presentation was enlightening, as an Academic Librarian and a liaison to academic departments, I believe it is important to share the following information related to bias, information privacy, and the copyright discussion.

    As mentioned by Dr. Lamb, these technologies are learning based on our input. This means that the biases of the majority will appear in the output they generate. Additionally, any information submitted to these ‘free’ systems is collected for the development of the AI. There are ethical concerns when entering in Student data for Tables/Charts, uploading articles or PDF’s that are not Open Access, etc.

    Dr. Lamb expressed that her institution is working to create their own system for guiding faculty through these considerations, and until the copyright laws catch up, that is what many of us will have to contend with.

    During the discussion portion, there were questions asked about the laws and copyright of AI generated images and text, the U.S. Copyright Office has a webpage https://copyright.gov/ai/ devoted to this topic that is being updated regularly.

    This foray into the usefulness of various AI technologies was wonderful! I look forward to seeing more of the possibilities the future holds!

    • Thank you for this useful information!


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