InterviewsJuly 2023

IALLT Interview Project Episode 10: ChatGPT and Language Learning: Interview with Jesse Walker, Jason Kappes, and Frederick Poole

In this episode of the IALLT Interview Project, Jeff interviews 3 people who are using artificial intelligence (AI) and specifically ChatGPT to enhance their learning solutions and professional practice as language educators. The guests are Dr. Frederick Poole of Michigan State University, Jesse Walker of North Junior High School (Colorado Springs), and Jason Kappes of Newcomer Games. Topics first include the functionality of ChatGPT and its selection as a tool by each guest. Demonstrations of current projects provide a concrete example from each of the 3 guests. Affordances, positive aspects, and time and effort economizations are discussed, as well as challenges, concerns, and caveats for language educators. The potential for greater individualization, closing the digital divide, and democratization of resources such as digital tutoring are highlighted.


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