Announcing the IALLT 2023 Awards for The FLTMAG

At the IALLT biennial conference in New Orleans, The FLTMAG for the first time offered awards for some of its outstanding contributions.

Best Contribution to The FLTMAG by a Graduate Student

IALLT recognizes Cemil Gökhan Karacan and Elif Mollamehmetoğlu for their article “Augmented Reality in Language Education: dARe To Know“.

Best Contribution to The FLTMAG by a K-12 Teacher

IALLT recognizes Amanda Ferris for her article “Designing Lesson Plans Around Video-based Annotations” (written with Frederick Poole).

IALLT recognizes Wenjing Huang for her article “Digital Educational Escape Rooms in Language Classrooms“.

Wenjing Huang and Shannon Quinn
Wenjing Huang and Shannon Donnally Quinn (Editor-in-Chief of The FLTMAG) at the IALLT Banquet

Congratulations to all of the winners!

The next round of awards for The FLTMAG will be given at the next IALLT conference in 2025 in Hawaii. Please encourage your colleagues who fall into these categories to write for us so that they can be considered for this honor! You can find more information about awards for The FLTMAG on our Awards page.

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