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Quizalize: Data Driven Instruction

Nathalie EttzevoglouNathalie Ettzevoglou, French Teacher at Alpharetta High School, Georgia.



Quizalize is a web-based tool that allows teachers to collect and track student-specific data generated automatically by the zzish platform in order to personalize instruction.  The company’s platform zzish was launched in London in 2014 by Charles Wiles, Google’s first production manager outside of the United States.

This platform essentially brings a virtual teacher to the classroom who analyzes student data automatically for the instructor.  Quizalize was ranked the #1 new app for teachers in 2015. It is very similar to the popular Quizizz app but it distinguishes itself with its “mastery mode” and its data collection format.  It is free to sign up and implement with up to 6 classes and an unlimited number of students.  There are other price options available for schools or groups of teachers. Once a class is set up, the code generated remains the same forever. With a live assistant available in the chat, questions are quickly answered.

It is device friendly for IOS and Android or via url. Teachers can create their own content or search in the bank for quizzes created by others in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, and Korean for example.  Quizzes are available in multiple choice, letter scramble, and matching with pictures to name a few options. Each quiz is student-paced and the zzish platform provides the student with immediate feedback generated from their quiz during and after the activity. For teachers who create sets in Quizlet, with a few clicks, Quizlet sets can be imported into Quizalize.  Teachers can adjust the settings to create a team feeling competition with a green and red team or students can play a simulated all stars basketball game against the computer.  Teachers can also set the amount of times students can take the same quiz. If set to mastery mode, students will redo missed questions again and again until they are answered correctly.

The data collected is automatically generated per class so that teachers can instantly see students grouped into the following categories: Strong, Almost there, and Needs help.  

Graphic from Quizalize website demonstrating a student standing, with response from students on if they need help with the World Geography Quiz.  Response options: Strong, Almost there, and Needs help.
Picture -1 – Screenshot from the Quizalize website showing student standing.The teacher knows where each student stands and can see the answers students selected. Data can be organized in alphabetical order or by weakest to strongest or vice-versa.  


Screenshot of students quiz responses.  The data permits instructors to track progress of individual students.

Lastly, teachers can compare 2 quizzes side by side to see class improvement from one activity to the next and/ or measure the improvement of an entire class and individual students by percentage.


Screenshot demonstrating each individual students lowest score and highest score, as well as their percent of improvement throughout the course.

Quizalize is very user friendly for students and teachers. The outcomes of using the tool lets teachers differentiate lessons to address specific learner needs based on data gathered in formative assessments and provide opportunities for students to take control of their own learning.If you are not convinced yet at the benefits, check out their video.

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