InterviewsMarch 2023

IALLT Interview Project Episode 9: Interview about Artificial Intelligence with Cory Duclos, Simon Zuberek, and Anthony Spadafino

In this panel interview, Jeff Samuels speaks with Cory Duclos of Colgate University, Simon Zuberek of Columbia University, and Anthony Spadafino of The participants discuss uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for language learning in the context of rapidly evolving capabilities. Specific solutions are discussed in terms of their potential as well as concerns that they may present for educators and learners. In addition, the panel discusses some of the components and functionality of AI solutions such as corpora, machine translation, and interfaces. Pedagogical uses of AI as well as affordances and topics such as learner autonomy frame the discussion. Affordances and areas of specific benefit are highlighted as well as potential future innovations and improvements such as greater AI ability to incorporate pragmatics, idiomatic language use, and localization.

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