Registration for the IALLT 2021 Virtual Conference now open!

Registration is now available for the
IALLT 2021 Virtual Conference!

Resilience has been indispensable in overcoming extreme challenges in the past academic year. The move to the online/remote teaching environment has forced us to carefully examine what we do, how we do it, and most importantly why we do it. As we look to life and education beyond the pandemic, it is important to reflect on this transformative experience, evaluate where we found success, and learn from our own, as well as each other’s extraordinary experiences. We are entering an exciting time, where the potential to transform teaching and learning is limitless.

Our 2021 conference will be virtual; yet we hope to create programming that recreates (as close as possible) the in-person experience. Conference presenters hail from across the globe, and we look forward to the opportunity that a virtual conference offers for our international colleagues who would normally not be able to attend one of our on-location conferences.

This conference is free for current IALLT members, but registration is required for everyone (including presenters) in order to access conference content.

A limited number of Membership plus Conference Registration grants are available. Please apply by May 1.

More information about IALLT 2021 is available on the conference website. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

IALLT conference 2021: Resilience, Transformation, and Beyond: June 16-18, 2021: online - Join colleagues around the world for IALLT's first virtual conference! Pre-recorded and live sessions, Networking and social events, Exhibitors - Keynote address: Jo Mynard: Supporting Language Learners Beyond the Classroom: What have we learned from the shift to Online Learning Environments?

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