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Flashcards by NKO

Peggy VealBy Peggy Veal, French Teacher & World Language Department Chair, STEM School and Academy, Highlands Ranch, CO.

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.69732/QHHB3149


As I was walking through the vendor booths at ISTE, I noticed a young boy playing a game in French on an IPad. I glanced over and saw that he was playing the equivalent of Fruit Ninja (for those who don’t know, it is a very popular application where you have to slice fruit to gain points), but instead of slicing fruit, he was slicing French words!

Flashcard by NKO in the iTunes store
Picture 1 – Flashcard by NKO in the iTunes store.

I stopped immediately and asked the vendor at the booth what this game was. It turns out it is one of the few games available via the application called Flashcards by NKO. Others include Matching, True/False, Memory, Spelling, Q-Battle, Word Search, Flow, Flappy Dog, Dig It Up, 2048, Bingo, Q-Battle LMP, Blocks, and Letters games.

What more do you need to add more fun to vocabulary study!

There is a free version of the application, and a $15.99 version (for teachers). See the contact information below for pricing by the vendor if you wish to get a School Version. The application can be used for many subjects, even chemistry!

To make this even better, this application allows you to import lists of vocabulary from Quizlet, so you don’t need to make lists.

The application also tracks your progress and is adaptive, so it will keep bringing up words you are getting wrong, versus the ones you keep getting right. There is also a “speaking” section of the application in which the student can practice pronouncing the words.

Here is the link to the application review : http://prepgame.com/

I plan on using this application as a “center” activity in my classroom. A teacher could easily let students use their phones to play it, or use classroom iPads if they are available. With the capability to create classes and leaderboards, you could give students a grade or extra credit points for using the app, and/or beating a certain score.

There are several tutorials available on YouTube if you wish to check it out.

I ended up asking the vendor for his business card, so here is the information for further questions/inquiries.

Flashcards by NKO

Sergiy Bulavenko

Co-founder & CEO

NKO ventures LLC



Cell : 312-810-4288


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