July 2021Showcase

A Bitmoji Classroom Showcase

We asked teachers to share screenshots of their Bitmoji classrooms for a Bitmoji showcase! Check out the Bitmoji classrooms by Meredith White, Lorna Beduya, and Lauren Taylor!

Meredith White, Gwinnett County Public Schools

I have created several virtual Bimoji spaces to 1) initiate rapport with students, 2) disseminate information, 3) and add interest to the things that are mandatory to post (like a weekly agenda, lesson plans, etc.). With Bitmojis in the target language and intentional planning, the stage can quite literally be set for interest, input, and authenticity — a far cry from just words on a page!
avatar by a locker, avatar on a couch with a calendar/schedule, avatar with information for students, avatar with pictures of the teacher from her childhood
Picture 1 – Meredith White’s Bitmoji classroom

Lorna Beduya, Hiroshima Bunkyo University

I want to promote Social Emotional Learning Skills (SEL) in all of my classes and also use it as part of any interactive English tasks in my classes. I teach General English to university freshmen and sophomore students. So, I also used Google slides to create my Bitmoji classrooms as digitized worksheets (hyperdocs).
avatar in Kahoot world, avatar showing information for students on a whiteboard,
Picture 2 – Lorna Beduya’s Bitmoji classroom

Lauren Taylor, Emerson High School

I use my different, personalized Bitmoji classrooms as part of my daily slide decks that are used as a classroom management and organizational tool (here we have an SEL check-in with input, a warm-up, and a daily calendar).
classroom with books and a whiteboard, a warmup activity with gnomes and decorations, check-in with questions, answers, pictures of people engaged in practices, a daily calendar
Picture 3 – Lauren Taylor’s Bitmoji classroom

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