Remix Your Own Adventure

By Katie Mitchell, Instructor at University of Colorado Boulder’s International English Center.     Although not all of our…

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An Experiment Using Penzu for Extensive Writing

By Cathrine-Mette (Trine) Mork, Assistant Professor, Miyazaki International College, Japan.     Like extensive reading, extensive writing in…

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Parlez-vous #emoji? Fostering Intercultural Discourse via Social Media

By Trent Hoy, Adjunct Professor of French at Broward College, FL. “What’s that?” I asked, gesturing at the…

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Beyond the Walls of the Classroom: Cultural Diversity Virtual Exchange on Intercultural Competency

Alejandro Méndez-Betancor, PhD candidate, the University of Colorado Boulder.  Naomi Wahls, Teaching and Learning with Technology Consultant, the…

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Fashionable Language Learning With French à La Mode

By Clarisse Barbier, French Graduate Student and Teaching Assistant, French and Italian department, University of Kansas, KS….

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A Whirlwind of Possibilities: Using ThingLink to Build Presentational Speaking Skills

By Leigh M Sapp, NBCT Township High School District #214 Prospect High School, Mt Prospect, IL.     …

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Building Meaningful Connections for Advanced Secondary Language Learners: A Hybrid Approach to Identity and Culture

Stephanie Knight, Center for Applied Second Language Studies at the University of Oregon. Ben Pearson, Center for…

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Todd Bryant feature image

Connect your Students with Native Speakers Today

By Todd Bryant, Language Technology Specialist, Dickinson College.       There has been extensive research on…

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